Monday, December 13, 2010

Where am I?

Let's see, I'm a dog so I don't really know how to tell time so I'm not sure how long I lived alone out on the streets.  I recently figured out though that there was a good guy that would give me dog food if I kept him company when he was working nights at a local strip mall-seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

This was taken the first time I let the nice man get close enough to me to take a picture.  Some of you will say I look like a little bear cub but I can assure you that I am definitely a dog and not a bear!

So then my friend Chuck, started bringing 2 other friends to see me, JP and Rekka.  They also brought this metal thing called a "trap."  They put good smelling cheeseburgers and chicken strips in and around it but I'm a clever girl so they didn't trick me into going in it.  Looking back, I wish I would have gone in it right away as now I know they were just there to help me. 

So long story short, when I came out to see Chuck, JP and Rekka Saturday night, they wanted me to eat in this orange, fenced in area.  I was still pretty skittish but eventually I felt something around my neck (I guess it's called a "leash") and found I couldn't run away anymore.  The people continued to talk to me softly and they gently touched me and I soon realized they were there to help me and not hurt me, whew.  I think we all breathed a sense of relief.  It was very cold and windy that night, I kept hearing my new friends say how everything was going to be ok and that I was safe now. 

Here's a picture of me right after they caught  me:

Then they put me in something called a "car" and took me to Rekka's house.  It was 230 in the morning and since they didn't know what made my fur fall out, I had to spend the first night out in the garage.  That was ok though, they gave me more food and water and then tucked me in with lots of blankets to keep me warm and comfy.  Rekka kept coming out to smile and coo at me and tell me that I'm so cute.

My new friend JP came back in the morning and took some more pictures of me.  Am I a celebrity?  Cool!  

Then JP and Rekka took me to another warm place called the "vet."  It smelled kind of funny but there were other dogs and cats there to keep me company so I was happy about that.

On Monday, I got all checked out by the vet and it turns out I'm in pretty good shape.  My mange is not contagious so now I can be around other animals.  They're just going to give me some meds and a lot of baths to help my hair grow back.  They told me the good news is that I don't have heartworms and that I'm ready to go to a foster home.  I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds promising.

Oh and I almost forgot, here's a video of when they were trying to get me off the streets.  They named me Shadow because I tended to slip away into the shadows of the night when I got scared.

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