Saturday, December 18, 2010

My big day out

So today my foster mom Jane got out my pink leash and loaded me up in the car for a field trip.  Turns out she had a really fun day planned, my friend JP met up with us and we went exploring at a local nature park. 

I met new dogs and people, some were even the really short kind called "kids."  JP and Jane keep telling me I'm a "good girl."  They say it all the time so I listen real close so I can hear it over and over again since it makes me feel good.  I've also started wagging my tail pretty often as they seem to get really excited and happy to see me do that.  They tell me they're glad to see that I'm settling in.

After hiking, they took me to a place called Dirty Dawgz.  I met more kind people that were there raising money for a Great Dane rescue group (those are the really big dogs).  They gave me a nice, soothing oatmeal bath.  It felt great!  I feel so much better with each passing day.

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